Welcome to Opentrack.

Our all inclusive price means that unlike every other company we include in our price the following.

Tuition : Included

Photography : Included on full days

Snacks & Drinks : Included

Free garages on our evening events.

** We are still updating our event list for 2016 dates will be added over the coming weeks so please call back and take a look **


Here at Opentrack we have decided not to enter into the world of the "Poundland" track days,which pile them high fill them up and sell them cheap.

Opentrack have instead opted to offer great value for money and service like we always have in the past. However we will combine this with charging slightly more in 2016 than 2015 which will enable us to be better at what we do.

We will take fewer cars to each day. This in turn will give you, our customer far more track time with more space, and also keep queuing to get out on track to the bare minimun, if any at all.

We will still be offering free tuition, free snacks & drinks at all our events, with free Photography on full days as well. Garages on our evening events are offered free of charge.

You will find that some other track day companies headline price will cost less per day. But in 2016 we are sure that you will find our days offer superb track access and also great value for money.

We aim to offer you a clear price, a clear track and a great time when on an Opoentrack day.


In January 2015 at the Autosport International Show, we were voted "Track Day Organiser Of The Year " by MotorsportDays.

I’d like to say a big “thank you” to everyone who has been involved with Opentrack over the years. Without their help we wouldn’t be here today.

To all our customers, equally massive thanks – both for your support and for your votes.

Here at Opentrack track days we take great pride in the events that we hold on track, whether an evening event or a full track day at one of the best circuits in the UK.

Opentrack is run by me, Dave Woodall. I personally attend every single event. If you need to talk to me on the day, you’ll find me right there at the circuit. I run a limited number of events each year, so that I can give each one the care and attention it deserves.

All our events are run to the same high standard. Opentrack days offer you the best opportunity to use your car to its full potential, in a safe and friendly environment.

Here at Opentrack we want you to have a great time on track. We do our best to make that happen. Our headline cost isn’t always the cheapest in the marketplace, but we are more than confident that we offer the best value out there. A hard core of loyal clients – some of whom attend almost every day in our calendar – is the proof of that.

We keep add-on costs to an absolute minimum. At an Opentrack day tuition, snacks (including the legendary donuts), drinks and event photography are included in the day’s cost. This makes a significant difference to the real cost of the day. We give you access to some of the UK’s best instructors, who can help you develop your driving whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned track driver.

I ‘m often asked what I drive on track. I don’t. My job is to make sure you have a great day, and that’s not something that can be done from the seat of a car. It’s your track time, not mine.

As our name suggests, all events are operated in open pit lane format. This allows you to take the day at your own pace, rather than being constrained by session times. Opentrack is a member of the ATDO (Association of Track Day Organisers)

You will find that some other track day companies cost less per day. But in 2016 we are sure that you will find our days offer superb track access and also great value for money.


Should you have a question about any event, please get in touch. We will answer your query as soon as possible.

David Woodall

Director, Opentrack Events Ltd

Office   +44 (0) 1954-202-588

Mobile  +44 (0) 7531-709-657

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